• Our institution will lead students to hold a trading competition on Halloween. This competition is exclusively sponsored by Coinbase. The top 100 students in the transaction success rate will be rewarded with 10 BTC and issued a master trader qualification certificate!


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  • D o y o u w a n t t o u s e c r y p t o c u r r e n c y f o r e x t r a i n c o m e ?

    Don't worry, we have the solution! 

    Let’s take a look at just some of the ways people have earned something extra.


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    1. Buy and hold


    All you have to do is choose a cryptocurrency to purchase (preferably when the value is down), hold on to it, and then sell when the currency reaches a desirable value. you can start with as little as 1000 USD but, of course, you can make more money if you invest more and then sell at the right time—which is never easy. Keep in mind though that the more money you invest, the more risk you face.

    This strategy is similar to traditional investments—a long-term approach to making money with cryptocurrencies.

    Difficulty: Easy

    Speed: Slow

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    2. Loan your cryptocurrency


    You can also make money with cryptocurrency by loaning it, similar to how people can loan (or lend) funds with a certain interest rate. The platform you choose determines which cryptocurrency can be loaned or used as collateral.

    Decentralized platforms, meanwhile, are handled by computers, allowing users to function semi-autonomously. Since these run on the blockchain, verification of transactions is left to the community since all transactions on that platform are readily viewable.

    Difficulty: Easy

    Speed: Fast

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    3. Play money-making games


    If you’ve heard of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) before, you’ve probably heard of blockchain games like Decentraland. These games allow users to earn money by playing and reward players with tokens that can be sold on the open market.

    If you are willing to invest some time and effort into playing video games and making money at the same time, playing blockchain games for money could be the place to start for you.

    Difficulty: Moderate

    Speed: medium

  • E m b a r k o n y o u r n e w c h a p t e r i n c r y p t o c u r r e n c y t r a d i n g !

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